Our History

Kits4Kids Foundation, a privately funded social enterprise was established by Prof Eric Lim and Ms Jessica Wang in 2003 with its vision started as early as 2000. In recognition of the fundamental importance of improving the livelihoods and well-being of the peoples with special needs, and the need to promote special education awareness as well as people-to-people contact through education, seminars, fellowships and other exchanges, the founders establish Kits4Kids Foundation on Oct 2005 in Singapore. The ultimate aim was to help bring about shared understanding and a sustainable future for people with special needs, children and adults. Kits4Kids Vision 2011 is “use the Foundation as one of the instruments to address issues of unequal education development and service providence across socio-economic disparities.”

The four-fold objectives of the Foundation under CARE Memorandum of Understanding establishing it are as follows:


K4K provides professional and personal consultation for parents, partners and communities through interviews. No long waiting lists or going through multiple levels.


K4K uses both conventional and advanced tools, together with clinical partners to identify the child’s strengths and weaknesses. Each child is unique and will be provided with personalized recommendations. Holistic approaches will assist the child and family to achieve desired results for life. There will be no label for K4K believes every child can learn.


K4K customized programmes will both enrich and develop the child overall competencies with desired results established together with every family. The focus will always be for the child without any additional costs or ineffective recommendations.


K4K believes in creating an environment where every child can be loved and accepted. Public education through training, seminars and courses are provided by K4K in collaboration with partners to create a world that is special for special individuals through special people.

In addition, the foundation has outlined priority areas to be undertaken to advance Kits4Kids’s social agenda that is focused on special education and human development in other social areas. It is mandated to play an active role in supporting the implementation of the social services which includes promoting access to mainstream education opportunities of differently advantaged groups (youth, women, persons with disabilities and rural communities), promoting global awareness through language and higher education; and youth exchange activities (such as through volunteer programmes) with the view of facilitating greater awareness among youth with a vision of a cohesive community of caring societies.



A world with differences but without difficulties


To develop and provide special people for special people who transforms the heart, mind and soul of humanity to accept individuals with differences

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